Telefónica UK's Sustainability Report 2012

Welcome to our Sustainability Report 2012.
Scroll down to read about the Think Big Blueprint, its aims and our achievements, or go to the full report.

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Think Big

Our sustainability plan

Think Big is our commitment to people and the planet.

It challenges us to inspire our 23.8 million customers, our employees and local communities to live and work in more sustainable ways.

In 2012, we reached two important milestones. Forum For The Future named O2 a UK leader in sustainable business. And we launched our Think Big Blueprint- a radical manifesto of goals and commitments.

We work hard to be a responsible business: but we want to do more. Our aim is to open up our technology's potential to support a better social and environmental future for everyone. See our highlights here.

The plan is bold. So far, we know how to reach 50% to 70% of our targets. The rest will depend on the development and consumer take-up of new products and services, our super fast network and greater digital confidence.

This report covers our activities for the year ending December 31, 2012. It begins with an update of our progress towards our Think Big Blueprint's 40 commitments - introduced by Telefónica UK's head of sustainability Bill Eyres.

We are keen to host a public debate too: on the issues that concern our stakeholders and how the connected millions can create change together.

Read views from Ronan Dunne, Forum for the Future and our stakeholders.

Get in touch with us via Facebook, Twitter or email.

And to demonstrate our belief in young people, their digital skills and fresh ideas, we're delighted to have recruited two interns via GoThinkBig to design and build this report.

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Think Big Blueprint

By 2015, we pledge to:

  • Help 1 million young people develop skills for life and lead community projects across the UK
  • Encourage 10 million people to live in easier and more sustainable ways through our products and services
  • Deliver carbon benefits to our customers that are 10 times the impact of our network

Our Think Big Blueprint was designed to be ambitious and challenging, allowing room for digital innovation to help us meet our three big goals by 2015. We are looking to fine-tune our plan to keep us on track in a fast changing market.

These goals now lie at the heart of our commercial strategy, how we do business and what we stand for.

They are underpinned by 40 commitments.
See how we are getting on.

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